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Used Cisco

Used Cisco From Sapia Networks 

Experienced IT professionals know how valuable it is to have reliable, powerful hardware in order to achieve overall success in running and managing a company’s network. By deploying used Cisco routers, switches, and other network hardware companies can keep up with increasing technology needs, while at the same time achieving great cost savings.

A company’s network should begin with a robust WAN platform like a used Cisco ASR Series and a used Cisco 6500 series LAN platform. That’s because used Cisco routers and switches combine voice, routing, security, and application services all together, so that everything becomes more automated, more flexible, and more intelligent. A used Cisco platform provides an inexpensive way to protect, optimize, and grow a company’s network system as technology needs evolve.

In the pre-owned IT network equipment market, one company stands out above the competition because of it commitment to providing friendly customer service, great products (30-day warranty included) and low discount prices… that company is Sapia Networks.

They buy, sell, and trade new, used, and refurbished network hardware equipment from the world’s top manufacturers –

  • Cisco Systems,
  • Juniper Networks,
  • Brocade,
  • Foundry Networks, and many others. The company has clients worldwide and possesses in-depth product knowledge and offers many products, like used Cisco equipment at 50% to 90% off list prices!

Benefits of Deploying Used Cisco:

  • Used Cisco routers and switches provide solutions enterprises of all sizes need today, while laying the foundation for tomorrow’s Intelligent Information Networks.
  • Provides an extended range of voice and data applications and services, allowing companies to deploy converged solutions.
  • Can be used to combine voice, data, and security into a one overall system.
  • Offers high availability, bandwidth, and performance for maximum scalability in any networking system environment.
  • Used Cisco is intelligent and self-defending and can prevent DoS attacks, worms, viruses, and other malicious activities protecting confidential information

Benefits of Purchasing Used Cisco:

  • Cost Savings
  • Extended Warranties
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • High Quality… good as new, but half the price

To learn more about how used Cisco hardware can help your business or organization, contact Sapia Networks at 877-672-2565 or email[email protected]