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Used Juniper MX960 Router

Ideal for a variety of enterprise and service provider Ethernet setups, the Juniper MX960 Series supports a wide range of large applications plus, the MX960 is the industry leader when it comes to large capacity Ethernet platforms.

We offer new and used Juniper MX960 routers that provide up to 960 Gbps capacity for routing and switching to help you reduce costs while increasing your revenue generating platform. Juniper MX960 routers feature:


  • Multi-Point Connectivity
  • 14 Open Slots With 480 Gbit Performance
  • 120 Gbps per slot
  • 6 Tbps capacity
  • 4 Point 10G Ethernet DPC
  • Scalable High Density Layer 2 & Layer 3 Ethernet Platform
  • Meets SCB & RE Redundancy Requirements
  • Major Components Can Be Field-Replaced Easily
  • Supports next-gen broadband multi-play services