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Buy & Sell used Juniper MX modules from Sapia Networks

MX960, MX480,  MX240, MX80 MX10 & MX5 Interfaces

Performance enabling Juniper MX series of routers including the MX960, the MX480 the MX240 the MX80 and MX5 are designed by Juniper Networks and provide a wide range of “Ethernet” services over a single network.

Increase your service breadth and optimize for operational excellence with a used Juniper MX router specifically designed to accelerate your existing high-performance network.
Used Juniper MX Router
Sapia Networks offers refurbished and used Juniper MX routers that will allow you to:

  • Improve your online revenue generating capabilities
  • Roll out new business models quicker
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Maintain reliability and availability

The MX series of routers offers the highest level of resiliency and redundancy and feature a modular operating system with MPLS fast rerouting capabilities for nonstop, reliable routing performance.

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MX5 & MX10 Series

MX80 Series

MX240 Series

MX480 Series

MX960 Series

MX104 Series

MX2010 & 2020 Series

Buy, Sell and Trade Used Juniper MX Series from Sapia Networks

For more information about used Juniper MX960 routers, MX480 routers, MX240, MX80 and MX5 routers for sale or about any other type and brand of used IT hardware that we carry, contact Sapia Networks Toll Free at 1-877-672-2565 or email[email protected].