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Used Foundry Brocade ServerIron Switches

Foundry Networks Used ServerIron ™ Family of Layer 4-7 switches increase availability, performance and security of mission-critical IP and Web applications. The comprehensive product line meets a range of customer needs and provide the best price/performance in the industry.
Used ServerIron ™ switches include the highly intelligent TrafficWorks IronWare ™ operating system software, a comprehensive suite of software for used ServerIron family of switches, with support for total application switching, traffic management, Web acceleration, and multi-site redundancy solutions with global server load balancing. Additionally, Used ServerIron switches deliver high availability and scalability benefits to perimeter security devices, including Firewalls, anti-virus gateways, and intrusion prevention appliances. Used ServerIron family of Layer 4-7 application traffic management and Web optimization switches are the industry leaders in acceleration, security and business continuity solutions for the business-critical IP, Web and non-Web application and data center infrastructure.
Our used ServerIron product family includes the fixed-configuration used ServerIron XL, compact and modular used ServerIronGT ™ C-Series, high availability and expandable used ServerIronGT E-Series, and high-performance and highly scalable used ServerIron 400 and 800 application switching systems. The complete family of the used ServerIron application switches is designed to meet the needs of customers from the entry level to the high end with a common architecture and OS.
Designed with network-centric and ASIC-based architecture, the ServerIron family of switches delivers high performance, scalability and data center class reliability. With the industry’s broadest portfolio of products in the family with various price/performance and port configuration choices, the used ServerIron family meets the needs of most data center infrastructure requirements on day one, with future-proof scalability, expandability and upgradeability on the modular platforms to meet the growing infrastructure needs. Flexible options to deploy integrated SSL acceleration in the base system, or add it on-demand when the need for SSL acceleration is critical are available.
Used ServerIron switches enable network managers to build and secure business-critical application infrastructure that is highly scalable and available. Business-critical applications are protected with security against multiple forms of Denial of Service (DoS), Virus and Worm attacks. By leveraging the ASIC-based architecture and hardware-assisted security functionality, used ServerIron switches are unique in the industry with built-in DoS protection up to multi-Gigabit wire-speed rates. Many of the world’s most demanding Enterprise, Service Provider, and E-Commerce organizations rely on used ServerIron switches to implement and manage highly secure and ultra high availability application infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Industry’s highest application level performance, port density, and price/performance
  • Multi-Gigabit rate DoS attack protection while maintaining peak application performance
  • Rich Layer 7 intelligence with URL, HTTP, XML, Cookie and SSL ID switching for broad application support
  • Datacenter redundancy and multi-site scalability with Global Server Load Balancing
  • Web application acceleration with support for SSL and compression
  • Web performance optimization with HTTP connection offload
  • Integrated Layer 2/3 functionality for reduced cost and network design simplicity
  • Advanced high availability with hitless and stateful failover to preserve active sessions from device failures
  • Industry’s first high availability 10 Gigabit application switch
  • Link Balancer for maximizing ISP utilization and reducing service cost


Our used ServerIron switches are built with Foundry’s custom ASIC architecture and advanced network processor technology. Foundry’s Used ServerIron family of switches meets a range of customer needs and features the following platforms:

  • Used ServerIron XL: Stackable switches with a choice of 16 and 24 10/100 Ethernet ports, and optional Gigabit uplinks at the best entry price
  • Used ServerIronGT C-Series: High availability, compact and modular (2U High) switches with a choice of port configurations. Built with the industry’s most innovative and unique switch design with data center class reliability features in the stackable form factor. Performance: up to 50,000 L4 cps and 1.2 million SYN/sec DoS attack protection.
  • Used ServerIronGT C-Series SSL: High availability, compact and modular (2U High) switches with integrated SSL acceleration and optional HTTP Web compression upgrade. The systems come in a choice of port configurations for easy integration into the network. Built with the industry’s most innovative and unique switch design with data center class reliability features in the stackable form factor. Performance: up to 50,000 L4 connections per second, 2,000 new SSL connections per second, and 1.2 million SYN/sec DoS attack protection.
  • Used ServerIronGT E-Series: High availability, expandable and performance upgradeable modular switches with a choice of performance and port configurations. Feature redundant system design with front serviceable power supplies and additional expandable slots for future scalability. The GT E-Series family includes the industry’s first 10 Gigabit Layer 4-7 application traffic management switch.
  • Used ServerIron ADX: High performance 4- and 8-slot modular and highly scalable systems with the Foundry’s 3rd generation management module and JetCore ASIC-based line modules. Various service module options for integrated SSL acceleration in the system without sacrificing core application switching performance and security. Performance: 150,000 Layer 4 connections per second, up to 4,000 new SSL connections per second (optional service module), and 3.6 million SYN/sec DoS attack protection. The 400 and 800 switches come with front serviceable power supplies.

Used Foundry Bigiron RX-4
Used Foundry Bigiron  RX-8
Used Foundry Bigiron RX-16

Enterprise-class BigIron Layer 2/Layer 3 Switches
The used BigIron product family delivers a new level of high-performance, distributed switching and routing for enterprise and service provider networks. The used BigIron RX-Series redefines terabit-capacity for routing and switching in the Enterprise and Service Provider environments. Flexibility, resiliency, security and performance are hallmarks of the design of the BigIron RX-Series family of 10 GbE routers.
All used BigIron switches are purpose-built for bandwidth intensive enterprise networks to support business and research applications including high bandwidth campus backbone, data center aggregation, cluster and grid computing, converged (voice, video, image and data) communications, storage networking, financial transactions as well as government, healthcare and university super-computing research projects. Used BigIron’s non-blocking architecture enables network managers to build scalable and highly available network designs.

Used Foundry Fastiron FWS648
Used Foundry Fastiron FWS624G

Used Foundry ICX Series
Used Foundry FCX Series
Used Foundry VCX

Used Foundry Turbiron
Used Foundry Netiron

The used FastIron 400, used FastIron 800, and used FastIron 1500 systems are the first in the industry to provide Enterprise customers with a complete end-to-end LAN solution – from the wiring closet to the LAN backbone – based on a single product family. The new JetCore enabled FastIron systems simplify sparing, network operations and administration for dramatic savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Based on Foundry’s third-generation JetCore ASIC chipset, the used FastIron 400, used FastIron 800, and used FastIron 1500 systems deliver unparalleled port density, advanced Layer 2/3 feature sets, rich Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth management for Voice over IP (VoIP) and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces to scale the network backbone and provide massive bandwidth capacity.

  • Unparalleled port density up to 672 10/100Base-TX, 232 Gigabit Ethernet, 228 Gigabit Ethernet over Copper, or 28 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports in a single modular system that occupies only 17 Rack Units (RU)
  • Rich QoS features with wire-speed fine-grain bandwidth management and a complete multicast feature set provides a superior foundation for Voice over IP (VoIP) and next-generation streaming media applications
  • Advanced Layer 2/3 feature set including integrated IP, IPX, AppleTalk and OSPF protocols
  • State-of-the-art Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) delivers wire-speed switching and Policy Based Routing (PBR)
  • ASIC based sFlow™ (RFC 3176) support provides Enterprises with per-port, wire-speed network monitoring for capacity planning and security analysis
  • Superior high availability with redundant management modules including temperature sensors, hot-swappable, load-sharing power supplies and hot-swappable interface modules
  • IronShield™ security protects against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and prevents unauthorized access to networks and server farms
Jumbo frame support on Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces easily scales server farm throughput

Key Features and Benefits

Superior High Availability

  • Redundant, Hot-swappable Management and Interface Modules – rapid fault detection and failover for increased reliability and expandability
  • Redundant, Hot-swappable Load-sharing Power Supplies – increased system reliability and circuit redundancy with the ability to mix AC and DC power within the same system
  • Superior Layer 2 Redundancy – Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) based on IEEE 802.1w and link aggregation based on IEEE 802.3ad for rapid convergence, minimal network downtime and minimal packet loss
  • Layer 3 Redundancy – VRRP, VRRP-E (Enhanced), and VSRP for router redundancy

Advanced Layer 2 Feature Set

  • Extensive Spanning Tree Protocol features:
    • Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1w) – sub-second convergence using a pre-calculated failover link
    • Fast Port Span – faster convergence on ports that are attached to end stations, with convergence in as few as four seconds
    • Fast Uplink Span – convergence on uplink ports on wiring closet switches in just four seconds
    • Single-instance STP – support third-party devices that run a single spanning tree instance in accordance with the 802.1s specification
    • Per VLAN STP (PVST) – multiple spanning trees within a single system for VLAN load-sharing and increased network reliability
  • Dynamic VLANs – simplified network address administration with logical assignment of users to virtual communities based on port, protocol or subnet, minimizes broadcast traffic and ensures network security
  • Link Aggregation based on IEEE 802.3ad – logical links containing up to four 100 Mbps or eight Gigabit Ethernet or four 10GbE links to scale bandwidth and protect against link, port or interface module failure
  • Mirror/Monitor Port – monitoring and troubleshooting of single or multiple switch ports without disruption to existing traffic flows, aiding fault isolation

Complete Layer 3 Functionality

  • Integrated Switch Routing (ISR) – reduce dependencies on external routers allowing network managers to configure a used FastIron switch to route Layer 3 traffic including IP, IPX, AppleTalk and OSPF protocols.
  • Industry Standard Routing Protocols – dynamic IP routing using RIP and OSPF
    • RIP – simple solution for small to medium size network infrastructures, allowing administrators to assign IP addresses without defining sophisticated route propagation strategies
    • OSPF – flexible route propagation for medium to large enterprise networks, allowing administrators to pre-determine network paths for specific traffic, define route summarization properties to minimize route table overhead, and take advantage of Equal Cost Multi Path (ECMP) for increased bandwidth utilization and redundancy
  • Policy Based Routing (PBR) – customized routing decisions based on source address, allowing Enterprise customers to deliver enhanced security, increased reliability, and efficient network bandwidth use for mission-critical applications such as VoIP
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) – allows Enterprise networks to translate private IP addresses into public IP addresses when traversing the Internet, conserving IP address space and increase network security.

VoIP Foundation – Advanced QoS and Bandwidth Management

  • Advanced QoS – enforce or change traffic priority based on port, VLAN, source MAC, ACL, 802.1p, Type of Service (ToS) or DiffServ settings to prioritize business-critical flows
  • Ultra-low Latency – industry-leading port-to-port latency of 5 microseconds for superior call quality when using VoIP
  • Multiple Queuing Methods – Strict Priority (SP) or Weighted Fair Queuing (WFQ) provide flexibility in enforcing traffic prioritization
  • Wire-Speed, Fine-grain Bandwidth Management – Traffic classification and bandwidth enforcement based on port, port plus priority, or Layer 4 ACLs, from 1 Mbps up to 1 Gbps in increments as small as 256 Kbps
  • Comprehensive Multicast Feature Set – hardware-based multicast features allow network managers to efficiently deploy streaming media applications for improved employee collaboration and productivity
  • Diverse Multicast Protocol Support – IGMP, DVMRP, MSDP, PIM-SM (Sparse Mode) and PIM-DM (Dense Mode) give administrators the flexibility of supporting a variety of applications with complete interoperability to existing applications
  • Superior Multicast Scalability and Performance – Up to 64,000 Layer 2 multicast groups with sub-second join and leave latency for industry-leading multicast performance and scalability
  • Comprehensive Network Management – cohesive, integrated solutions simplify network operations and maintenance
    • Network Manager – web-based, centralized, graphical interface for enterprise-wide configuration, maintenance and change management
    • Command Line Interface (CLI) – industry-standard configuration interface minimizes training requirements and operational maintenance costs
    • Web Interface – easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) standard with every Foundry product dramatically reduces installation time and cost
  • sFLow (RFC 3176) – per port, wire-speed network monitoring delivers detailed traffic statistics for capacity planning and real-time network monitoring, without impacting network performance
  • Wire-speed Extended Access Control Lists (ACL) – control packet forwarding and restrict access to the system management interface, while providing wire-speed switching and routing
    • Feature-rich ACL Implementation – identify traffic based on source or destination IP address, IP protocol type, TCP or UDP port, IP precedence or TOS values
    • Selective ACL Logging – collect statistics for packets matching deny or permit conditions
    • ACL Scalability – up to 4,096 ACLs
    • Ease of Administration – identify an ACL by name or number, or add a comment line
    • ACL Syntax Compatibility – uniform ACL syntax across all Foundry products is compatible with the syntax of other major vendors
  • Secure Shell and Secure Copy – secure access to the administration and management interface over the network
  • Protection Against Denial Of Service (DoS) Attacks – prevent or minimize network downtime and protect against malicious users by limiting TCP SYN and ICMP traffic; protect against broadcast storms by limiting broadcast traffic
  • User Authentication – authentication with AAA, 802.1x, RADIUS, TACACS, and TACACS+ to prevent unauthorized network access
  • Wire-speed Rate Limiting – limit and enforce bandwidth use to prevent unauthorized network bandwidth hogging
  • SFlow (RFC 3176) – cost-effective, scalable, wire-speed network monitoring to detect unusual network activity

Industry Leading Performance

  • Industry’s Highest Switching Performance – non-blocking, distributed switching architecture with a parallel cross-point switch fabric provides up to 480 Gbps of aggregate switching capacity, and 178 million packets per second switching performance
  • State-of-the-art TCAM – wire-speed Layer 2/3 switching and PBR with industry-leading switching capacity and scalability
  • Jumbo Frames – dramatically scales server throughput with minimal impact on server processing resources

Used Foundry Netiron 400,
Used Foundry Netiron  800,
Used Foundry Netiron  1500

Service Provider Class Used NetIron Chassis-Based Routers
Used Foundry NetIron routers are designed to address the exploding bandwidth and functionality requirements encountered by Service Providers today.
The used NetIron XMR-series routers are the industry’s most powerful IPv4/IPv6/MPLS multi-service routers. Based on a superior Terabit scale architecture comprising state of the art network processors, the used NetIron XMR-series offers highly versatile, cost efficient solutions that allow services providers to deploy high value and profitable services.
A recent addition to the used NetIron Router family is the NetIron IMR 640 based on the latest Terathon-M network processor technology for intelligent, high performance IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS service delivery. Based on the award winning NetIron 40G technology, both platforms feature Foundry Direct Routing (FDR) technology offering a high end, highly scalable routing solution aimed at addressing the ever growing needs of many Service Providers including Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Metro Service Providers (MSPs), Internet Data Centers, Application Service Providers (ASPs), and Multi-Media Content Providers.
Used NetIron chassis routers up to 1.28 Terabits/second, and 480 Million packets per second (Mpps) in a single system for IPv4, IPv6, and MPLS routing as well as Layer 2 switching.
The used NetIron family offers multiple form factors to address service provider needs from edge to core applications. In addition to the used NetIron IMR 640 and the used NetIron 40G, the used NetIron family includes the used NetIron 400 4-slot, used NetIron800 8-slot, used NetIron1500 15-slot designed to eliminate performance bottlenecks with wire-speed IP routing for edge and distribution layer deployments.
The used NetIron family is designed for unparalleled routing capacity, scalability, control, and functionality. Used NetIron routers offer feature rich solutions that include support for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), wire speed ACLs, hardware-based multicast, MPLS, traffic engineering, Virtual Leased Lines (VLLs), Virtual Private LAN Services (VPLSes), and BGP/MPLS VPNs. The chassis-based routers offer interfaces including OC-3c, OC-12c, and OC-48c Packet over SONET/SDH, OC-3 A, and Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Used Foundry Fastiron Edgeswitch

A New Breed of Intelligent Edge Products

  • Increasing Network Value through Converged (Voice, Video, and Data) Deployments
  • Intelligent Traffic Control to Manage Bandwidth Consumption
  • Enhancing QoS to Ensure High-Availability and Traffic Integrity
  • Expanding Network Reliability with Load-Balanced, Hot-Swappable, and Redundant Power Supply Units
  • Bolstering Network Resilience with Fault-Tolerant, Redundant Software and Hardware Options
  • Industry Leading Switching and Multiprotocol Routing Options
  • IronShield Security – Wire-speed Network Protection
  • JetScope – Illuminating Network Traffic for Better Network Management and Control
  • Built-In 1000Base-TX Ports for Instantaneous Connectivity to Gigabit Copper Attached Servers for Unmatched Network Performance

Delivered at the Lowest Price/Port and in the Smallest Form Factor! Delivering a Compact Form Factor

Used FastIron Edge Switch 2402

  • 24-ports Auto-sensing 10/100Base-TX
  • 2-ports 1000Base-TX (RJ45)
  • Additional Gigabit Ethernet Options:
    • 2-ports 1000Base-X (mini-GBIC)
  • Built-In Redundant AC or DC Power Supply Options
  • 1.5 Rack Units

Used FastIron Edge Switch 4802

  • 48-ports of Auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet
  • 2-ports 1000Base-TX (RJ45)
  • Additional Gigabit Ethernet Options:
    • 2-ports 1000Base-X (mini-GBIC)
  • Built-In Redundant AC or DC Power Supply Options
  • 1.5 Rack Units

Used FastIron Edge Switch 9604

  • 96-ports of Auto-sensing 10/100 Ethernet
  • 4-ports 1000Base-TX (RJ45)
  • Additional Gigabit Ethernet Options:
    • 4-ports 1000Base-X (mini-GBIC)
  • Built-in Redundant AC or DC Power Supply Options
  • 2.5 Rack Units