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Foundry Bigiron & Serveriron

Used Foundry Networks –Bigiron  & Serveriron

For small and medium sized companies, as well as enterprises, the challenge lies in the ability to deliver a highly scalable platform that is able to support legacy applications and new applications throughout the network.

Used Foundry Networks, including Foundry Bigiron series and Foundry Serveriron Series, are able to accomplish this and at the same time offer a robust end-to-end platform. Foundry Bigiron series and Foundry Serveriron Series are able to leverage future technologies without having to upgrade current infrastructure or re-use old equipment… allowing for greater cost savings.

Used Foundry Networks are extremely reliable and deliver high-end performance, availability and security. By deploying used Foundry hardware products customers can have the confidence knowing that legacy applications will continue to be deployed and new applications including voice-over IP and advanced security can easily be integrated into one platform.

Foundry BigIron systems enable enterprises to leverage the power of high performance networking into competitive advantages by offering top performance services powered by used Foundry JetCore modules… enabling companies to build simple, efficient full layer networks.

The ServerIron family of switches leads the industry in security, continuity, and speed for mission critical IP, Web, and non-Web applications for small, medium and enterprise networks. Used Foundry serverirons provide the total solution including load balancing, security, content switching, and redundancy… these highly intelligent switches are deployed world wide in thousands of networks.

Benefits of a Foundry Serveriron

  • Industry’s highest performance
  • DoS attack protection & Rich Layer 7
  • Complete redundancy & Multi site platform
  • Accelerated web applications
  • Optimization of web performance
  • Layer 2/3 functionality which reduces cost
  • 10 Gigabit & Global Server Load Balancing

To learn more about used Foundry Networks hardware and other special offers, please email Sapia Networks at [email protected] or call 877-672-2565 for immediate assistance.