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Cisco Systems is the global leader in networking technology. Sapia Networks sells used Cisco Hardware including used Cisco routers and used Cisco hardware Switches at up 95 % off list. Buy used Cisco Security hardware, used Cisco IP telephony and used Cisco optics.

Juniper Networks from Sapia Networks

Juniper Networks is a world leader in core & edge routing. Buy used Juniper from Sapia Networks. Including used Juniper M & MX Series, Used Juniper EX & SRX Series. Used Juniper Routing, Switching, and Security solutions.


Extreme Networks delivers world-class networking solutions. Sapianet carries used Extreme BlackDiamond used Extreme Summit switches. Buy used Extreme gigabit and used Extreme fast ethernet switches from Sapia Networks. brocade-network-hardware-equipment


High-end enterprise Brocade switches for sale. Network hardware equipment includes Brocade FastIron Series Switches, VDX Series Switches, ICX Series Switches and more.


Buy a used Marconi switch and modules including used Marconi ASX-200BX switches, ASX-1200 switches, SCP-P5-400, NMCE-8/DS1E1E, NM- 4/DS3E, NM-4/155IR3MME, NM-4/155SMIRE, NM-1/622SMIRE, NM-4/ETH-TXB, NM-4/E3E and TNX switches from Sapia Networks.


Welcome to Sapia Networks, your online source for new and used Cisco routers and switches

Sapia Networks carries a full line of only the highest quality used networking hardware products from both Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks plus used network equipment from well-known brands like Marconi, Extreme Networks, Dell, HP, and Brocade. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

Pre-Owned, Refurbished & Used Network Equipment

Save on Cisco routers & switches! Talk to us first for refurbished & used network equipment including used Cisco routers and switches.
We Buy Used Network Equipment | We Trade Used Network Hardware | We Sell Refurbished Used Network Equipment

Buy New Cisco and New Juniper at up to 70% off list

Although our core focus is on refurbished/used Cisco and Juniper network equipment and other refurbished/used IT networking hardware, our strategic partnerships allow us to also provide new Cisco routers and switches plus new Juniper network hardware at 50 – 70% off regular list prices. We also sell Cisco Certified Refurbished and Cisco Smartnet products. 

Absolute Best Prices on Used Cisco Network Equipment

Sapia Networks offers complete end-to-end flexible networking solutions from all the major brands with an inventory of over $50 million in network equipment products.
Prices for the highest quality refurbished and used Cisco network equipment range from 50% to 95% off the manufacturers’ list prices!
Save on new, refurbished, and used Cisco routers & switches plus a full line of brand name networking hardware products including. All used network equipment goes through a rigorous testing process and comes with a 90-day warranty; extended 1 to 3 year warranties are also available. All used Cisco is 100% satisfaction guaranteed!











Go Green – Buy Used Cisco Network Equipment from Sapia

Sapia Networks is an eco-friendly supplier of used Cisco and used Juniper network equipment plus other major brands. We are committed to protecting the environment for the enjoyment of future generations.
If your legacy hardware has reached a point in which it can’t be refurbished or resold, Sapia Networks will gladly help you recycle your old Cisco network equipment. We can also provide an aggressive asset recovery solution to help you get the most value out of your IT hardware
Preserve the earth and save money; buy used network equipment from Sapia Networks.
Sapia Networks is your one stop shop to buy, sell, and trade networking hardware including new, refurbished, and used routers, switches, modules, port adaptors, and VOIP phones.
For more information about used network equipment including used Cisco routers and used Cisco switches or to inquire about any brand name used network equipment in our inventory, please contact Sapia Networks Toll Free at 1-877-672-2565 or email [email protected]

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